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3 Ways to Make Your About Page Stand Out

A lot of sites phone it in when it comes to the About Us page.

You’ve seen it before: a dry, impersonal list of accomplishments and qualifications, maybe a few awards. You finish reading—or more likely, skimming—with no more opinion of the brand than you started with. So you hit the back button, or even just close the site.

And who can blame you? The page you clicked on to help you decide whether they’re worth your time or money left you flat.

So when it comes to your own About page, why would you rely on the same kind of boring, soulless content to make an impression on your visitors?

Don’t treat your About page like an encyclopedia entry. Instead, use these three tips to help yourself stand out from the crowd.

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29 Metrics for Measuring Content Marketing ROI

A solid content strategy is critical, but to tell if your strategy’s successful you need to be able to measure your content marketing ROI. It’s not enough to just look at your revenue before and after implementation. Even if you’ve made more since putting a content marketing strategy into place, if you can’t tell which parts of the strategy are working and which aren’t you might have just gotten lucky. And though luck is always good to have on your side, making results predictable requires...

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