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Taking care of the writing so that you can take care of business.

Let’s talk about you for a minute.

You need to get some writing done, but something’s holding you back. Maybe you’re not confident in your own writing, or maybe it’s just that the other parts of your business demand too much of your time and attention.

The writing still needs to get done, though.

You want to bring in more new leads…

Keep your existing clients happy…

Keep your readers coming back…

Keep your mailing list engaged…

While continuing to grow your business, which is hard enough without spending hours writing content.

That’s what Hansen Pro SEO is about: taking care of the writing so that you’re free to take care of the things that matter most to you and your business.

To learn more about how Hansen Pro SEO can help meet your writing needs, CLICK HERE and make an appointment for your free consultation.

About Jacob

Jacob Hansen liked writing as a kid, and helped friends and family with their writing all through high school before majoring in English at university.

At some point, someone told him the only things you could do with an English degree are write or teach—and after figuring out that he didn’t want to teach and that fiction writing wasn’t a sure enough thing, Jacob turned to the tech sector.

IT security helpdesk paid the bills (mostly), but drained the soul. So Jacob set out to discover what he could do that would satisfy both his heart and his need to continue paying for food and shelter.

Following months of exploration, he finally found his way back to writing—this time, with the intent to use his writing and editing skills to help others achieve their own goals. Since then, he’s provided engaging website copy and useful, high-quality articles to clients across a variety of markets and niches.